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Cykelstöd Ursus Dubbelt ben i stål, Max 50kg

399 kr


Denna produkt finns inte längre i lager

Stabilt cykelstöd Ursus Hopper med dubbelben i stål

  • 40 cm bredd när benen är utfällda
  • 20 cm bredd när benen är infällda
  • Max lastvikt 50 kg
  • Ramfäste med M10 skruv

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Hopper is a steel double kickstand, has the same patented movement of Jumbo. Strength,nice design, practicality and competitive price are the main characteristics of this double kickstand. Its patented movement allows an extra wide movement; the distances between the two legs when legs are expanded is 40cm.

The strength of this kickstand allows to hold up to a maximum of 50 kg of weight of the bike and, like the other double kickstands, is suitable for electric bikes or bikes with purses, bags or kids seats. Adaptable also for heavy duty bikes.